When it gets dark again early and really cold and uncomfortable outside, autumn and winter demand a lot from our bodies. Our immune system is now running at full speed so that our defenses keep us healthy through the cold season. No wonder now is the ideal time of year to fast! Here you can find out why you should use the many advantages of fasting for yourself and what fasting actually is.

What is fasting?

Fasting is the voluntary renunciation of solid food and stimulants such as alcohol, coffee or sweetened drinks for a certain period of time.

A comparison of the 5 most common types of fasting

Despite the many positive effects, fasting is not recommended for everyone. Strict fasting cures are not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children because these people need a lot of energy and nutrients. Even with previous illnesses, a doctor should always be consulted first.

The all-rounder among fasting cures: An intensive juice cure lasts between 3 and 21 days and is well suited as an easy introduction to the world of fasting because it can be easily integrated into everyday life. A glass of freshly squeezed organic fruit and vegetable juice is drunk five to seven times a day and otherwise only water, herbal tea and warm vegetable broth. Incidentally, our Kraftling Ginger Shots in organic quality are the perfect addition and can be quickly and easily integrated into the juice cleanse with many high-quality ingredients in a small, concentrated shot size.

The decisive factor here is the change in the daily eating rhythm. A distinction is made between 2 methods:

5:2 method: eat 500 calories for two days and eat normally for the rest of the week

16:8 Intermittent Fasting: Regular meals are eaten within eight hours, and the remaining 16 hours of the day are fasted

Solid food is not avoided in general, but only foods that have an acidic effect on the body in order to create an optimal acid-base balance in the body.

When fasting, however, you should definitely pay attention to organically grown vegetables and fruit, because pesticides and other pollutants have a particularly harmful effect on the body during this time.

Detox means “to detox” in English. A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, relaxation exercises and baths are intended to bind and eliminate pollutants and toxins in the body.

The doctor dr. Otto Buchinger is considered the founder of therapeutic fasting. During this pure drinking cure, only vegetable broth, juices and tea are drunk. In addition, the purification of the intestine is promoted by means of gentle laxatives. His approach was to cleanse ("detoxify") the body of toxins and stimulate its self-healing powers.

Fasting - All advantages at a glance

1. Fasting is intended to allow the body to recover. Stomach and intestines are relieved

and the energy that the body would otherwise need for normal digestion should be released during fasting for so-called "detoxification". However, this detoxification effect has not yet been scientifically proven and is therefore often criticized by doctors.

2. Fasting has been scientifically proven to initiate cell cleansing processes that can support the body's own defense system.

Anyone who fasts properly and at the same time supplies the body with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and secondary plant substances feels more vital and has a good performance - without any feeling of hunger.

3. Another positive effect is that fasting can be scientifically proven to help us get through the dark season in a good mood.

The cooler temperatures and fewer hours of sunshine can throw off our mood and make metabolism sluggish, especially for people who work mostly indoors. Fasting is supposed to stimulate the production of precisely those hormones that have a mood-enhancing and performance-enhancing effect, including serotonin.

4. In fasting we also look inwards and gain new strength and discipline in renunciation.

Many use fasting as a motivating start for a conscious, permanent change from harmful eating or lifestyle habits.

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Raised awareness alone can change a lot.

Even if it doesn't work out to keep up the fasting completely, don't give up right away. For many people , a single fasting day per week is a good alternative that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

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