"Consciously. Simply. Yummy. This is what we expect from each of our products.”

How it all started:

The shared kitchen

"Max and Fritz: You decided to produce your own ginger shots in 2017, how did you come up with the idea?"

"We first came across ginger shots in New York. At that time we just thought what the hell, how can a shot be so hot! But straight away we were excited about the idea of ​​having a little immune booster with us on the go without having to press it yourself."

A ginger shot that has it all

"How did you make the leap from the shared kitchen to the supermarkets and all of Germany?"​

"Together with Cologne cafés, we developed the first recipe within 8 weeks and shortly before Christmas our Kraftling shots were available in the first supermarket south of Cologne. ​

The focus is not only on the ingredients, but also on the production: Since there was no producer who wanted to make the shots according to our recipe, we set up our first own shot production in 2018. Therefore, our shots have a very special level of quality."​

The most important ingredient: the team

“What makes you special as a company?”

"In a world in which it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to understand what is contained in the food we produce, we want to convince with the values ​​of naturalness, honesty and transparency and make it as easy as possible for our customers to eat more consciously and sustainably .​

However, the most important ingredient for success is not the idea, but the team. Without the team behind Kraftling and the passion for our products, Kraftling would not be where we are today."

The Sky is the limit

"What is your goal and vision at Kraftling?"​

"We would like to expand what started small and continually expand our product range. Make conscious nutrition simple and, above all, delicious for every Kraftling customer. ​

With our products we pursue the vision of inspiring people to live a healthier life. Of course, you have to stay true to the principles: high quality and no additives. Clean labeling is our promise and it means that certain substances (such as dyes or preservatives) are not included."

Our values:

Clean labeling

Transparency and clean labeling are very important to us. Especially when it comes to production and ingredients. It only contains what is written on it.

Freshness on the go

Our products are always fresh and chilled, but still in a practical to-go format for on the go and in between without any effort for you.

Innovative products

With our innovative product ideas, we want to change the market, get the best out of fruit and contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

"We aim to make conscious eating easy for every person while staying fresh and natural."

This is us:


“In my previous job, the topic of conscious nutrition was often neglected and you had to rely on what the supermarkets had to offer in the area of ​​convenience food and snacks. The big disadvantage was that the alternatives at the time often had little focus on naturalness and freshness. Why not ready-to-go and still tasty, natural and fresh? In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to understand what is contained in produced food and how it was made, we want to convince with the values ​​of naturalness, honesty and transparency."​


“As a start-up founder, you often solve problems that have affected and disturbed you. We all know too well the problem of not having enough time to prepare healthy meals in everyday working life. During my time as a consultant, I had very little time to deal with my own nutrition due to lack of time. With Kraftling we want to make it possible for people with little time in everyday life to eat consciously without being under time pressure. All of our products should support this and are the perfect companion to-go." ​

The Kraftling team

Our current team now consists of more than 20 smart, motivated people with one thing in common: a passion for food and especially for our Kraftling products.

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