Fresh and natural.
Like homemade.

Our manufacture

Clean Labelling

"Our claim to our label is that every customer understands what is contained in the product, even without having studied food science. "

Fresh raw ingredients

The best of the good. Of conviction.

Each Kraftling is fresh, of the highest quality and 100% natural. We only use freshly processed, vegan ingredients and produce without the addition of colourings, preservatives or artificial flavors - and you can taste it.

Our production

Fresh processing without heat

Gentle and direct filling

Refrigerated delivery of fresh products

Nutrient preservation - with our freshness duo


In order to ensure the preservation of the nutrients, all raw materials are gently cold-pressed, which preserves freshness and nutrients. Cold-pressed products are therefore not comparable to treated, heated (pasteurized) foods.​

High Pressure Processing

The HPP process ensures a high level of food safety by inactivating pathogens such as salmonella, listeria or E.coli. Best of all, no preservatives or heat are needed to extend the shelf life of a freshly squeezed juice.

Die Vorteile unseres Frische Duos:

  • Nährstoffe bleiben erhalten durch Vermeidung von Hitze​
  • Erfrischender Geschmack durch schonende Verarbeitung
  • Längere Haltbarkeit als mit herkömmlichen Entsaftern​
  • Hoher Gewinn aus Rohstoffen, Minimierung von Abfällen​
  • Verringerung von schnellem Absetzen einzelner Zutaten

Conscious composition

The interplay of the best and freshest ingredients and the goal of preserving the natural nutrients results in a natural product that makes healthy and conscious nutrition accessible to everyone.​

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