#1​ Why recycled PET and not glass?

Our focus is on natural and high-quality ingredients, fresh taste and the preservation of nutrients. In order to preserve our freshly squeezed shots & juices without destroying the nutrients, we have opted for the innovative HPP (High-Pressure Processing) process , which uses pressure instead of heat. ​Glass would burst with this gentle process due to the very high pressure, which is why we use recycled PET bottles.

In addition, compared to single-use glass bottles, recycled PET generates fewer CO2 emissions during production, transport and reuse.

#2​ Waste produced, what happens to it?

Leftovers also occur in food production, but these are reused. The collected leftovers are fed to the animals in the livestock industry. In this way, almost all raw materials are used sensibly.

#3 Do you also use animal products?

No - our ingredients are 100% plant-based and are therefore completely vegan. This is not only good for you, but also for our planet.

#4​ Can chilled shipping be green?

Yes, our products are shipped in 100% recyclable shipping boxes including insulation. The cooling pads are also reusable. We also send our packages with the "Go Green" service of our shipping partner DHL. DHL's environmental protection program offsets the greenhouse gases produced by transport through climate protection projects.

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