Why Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks - many appreciate the stimulants in their studies, at work and in their free time. They provide an extra boost of energy, whether in the morning, before sport, while studying, against the afternoon slump or on longer car journeys. The caffeine stimulates the circulation and thus makes us more awake. The sugar goes into the blood quickly and provides an energy boost. You feel more focused and powerful. The energy drinks, which first became known in the club scene in the 1980s, are no longer just for night owls!

Ingredients: This is what energy drinks contain

Despite the many benefits that energy drinks promise us, many conventional energy drinks contain not only water and artificially produced caffeine, but also sugar and controversial additives and flavorings that give the drinks their sweet taste. Other additives such as taurine are said to increase the effect of the caffeine it contains, although this has not yet been scientifically proven.

All of this makes energy drinks highly processed, low-natural beverages that are mostly just water and additives .

A comparison of different caffeine sources

Kraftling Energy Shot

1 shot (60ml) contains 150mg of caffeine from the guarana plant and is free of additives. The 4-6g fructose come from pomegranates & coconut water.

Energy Drink

1 can (250ml) contains only 80mg caffeine of synthetic origin, contains colors and additives as well as 35g industrial sugar.


1 glass (200ml) contains 20mg caffeine from the kola nut, contains colors and additives as well as 27g industrial sugar.

maté drink

1 bottle (250ml) contains 200mg of caffeine from the Mate bush, contains colors and additives as well as 35g industrial sugar.


1 cup (150ml) contains 50-100mg of caffeine from the coffee bean, no additives and, depending on the type of preparation, no sugar.

Black tea

1 cup (150ml) contains 30mg of caffeine from the tea plant, no additives and, depending on the type of preparation, no sugar either.

Vegetable caffeine from the guarana plant

The Energy Boosters differ mainly in the amount of caffeine and where it comes from. Caffeine occurs naturally, for example, in cocoa, the leaves of the tea plant, in coffee beans, in the mate plant, the kola nut and in the guarana plant. It is formed in the metabolism of many plants as a natural protection against insects.

Native to South America, where it has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries Guarana plant contains a particularly large amount of caffeine. Its red fruits contain seeds containing caffeine, which are dried and then processed into powder. The caffeine has a much stronger effect than coffee, is well tolerated at the same time and lasts particularly long because it is bound to so-called tannins, which delays the stimulating effect.

So if you are still looking for a natural energy booster with maximum effect - our energy shots are something for you! Based on only natural ingredients and cold-pressed fruit juices, they contain 150mg of caffeine from the guarana plant, almost twice as much caffeine as a conventional energy drink. No additives, sugar or taurine.

Please note the recommended caffeine daily dose of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). You can find more information here.

Energy shot pomegranate

For a natural & intensive energy boost: The first natural energy shot with fresh ingredients such as cold-pressed pomegranate & lemon and 150 mg guarana caffeine.