8 tips for a restful sleep

8 Tipps für einen erholsamen Schlaf

How many hours do you sleep?

How much sleep you need is very individual and differs from person to person. It is important that you have a restful sleep, because this can have an enormous effect on your health, well-being and performance. ⁠

A lack of time outdoors, too little exercise, the wrong diet, permanent stress, improper breathing or mental stress can negatively affect the quality of sleep.⁠

Here we have 8 tips for a restful sleep:⁠

  1. Darkened room for sleeping⁠
  2. Quiet sleeping environment⁠
  3. Regular times & sleep rituals⁠
  4. Regular exercise and sport⁠
  5. Prefer light food in the evening⁠
  6. Avoid caffeine already in the afternoon⁠
  7. Let go of thoughts and worries with relaxation or meditation exercises⁠
  8. Breathe deeply and slowly in and out through your nose, day and night⁠

Fun fact: Author James Nestor trained himself to breathe through his nose at night by taping his mouth shut, which made his sleep apnea and snoring go away and had many positive effects on both body and mind.⁠ Just try the tips out!

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