10 tips for more exercise in everyday life

10 Tipps für mehr Bewegung im Alltag

Here are 10 tips for you on how to integrate more exercise into your everyday life:⁠

1. Morning exercise: Immediately after getting up on the mat. You will notice that you start the day full of energy and motivated.

2. Bike instead of car: This is not only good for your body, but also for the environment.

3. Go for a walk: Use the lunch break to go for a short walk and be in the fresh air.

4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator: Every movement counts - overcome yourself!

5. Short distances on foot: Walk short distances - your body will thank you!

6. Make calls while standing: You can also walk across the room while making calls - the main thing is a little more movement.

7. Fixed training times: Plan fixed training times that you stick to or book courses.

8. Get off one station earlier: If you are traveling by bus or train, get off one station earlier and walk the few meters.

9. Dance party: Turn on your favorite songs and dance wildly through your apartment! It releases endorphins and puts you in a good mood. ⁠

10. Do a challenge: Grab friends, family & colleagues and do sports challenges!

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